Before film, television and computer games, horror fiction scared readers on paper for centuries. Below you'll find source books, novels, biographies & magazines transporting you to the shadow realm.

Feel like a good scare in the week running up to Halloween?
This year the South African HorrorFest is bringing you even more cold thrills with its literary addition of Bloody Parchment.
Join some of South Africa’s best authors gathering in the Lounge Of Horror to share their tales or slices of darkness and the macabre,
at The Book Lounge, a week before the HorrorFest on Friday, October 23rd, from 6.30pm until 8pm
(71 Roeland Str. / cnr Buitenkant Str.)

So, bring your jack o’ lanterns and RSVP at or 021 462 2425.
The 5th annual S.A. HorrorFest Film Festival runs from 29 October - 5 November at The Labia Theatre on Orange Street -

Biographies of the authors appearing at The Lounge Of Horror will be posted here soon.

Announcement: Shadow Realm's Paul Blom is now South African correspondent for the world renowned FANGORIA MAGAZINE!
His first assignment was
covering Neil Marshall's DOOMSDAY which shot in Cape Town between March and April 2007.

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