13 Sins


With Devon Graye, Rutina Wesley, Mark Webber, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Ron Perlman

Written by David Birke & Daniel Stamm
Directed by Daniel Stamm

A regular guy with a pregnant fiancé, a handicapped brother and aging, ailing father, has more responsibilities than he can manage. Hoping for a promotion at work, in turn he gets fired.
With the world seeming to collapse on him, he finds a phone ringing in his car. A stranger with a game show approach is on the line, knowing his name and every move. He offers him money to kill a fly buzzing in the car.  He does and the money is deposited.  From here he is drawn into a strange game where he has to perform escalating dastardly tasks for increased cash.  But as to be expected, as these get progressively worse, vile and immoral, he wants to pull out, but can’t as the strict deal laid down by this mysterious person prevents him from doing so.

This twisted ‘game’ has been run for many decades and the poor guy seems helpless against this mysterious and very connected force using him like a pawn, with a few shockers in store for him..

While not exactly like the Saw movies, there are definitely some of those elements present as our hapless non-hero is forced to take part in horrific deeds, keeping the viewer engaged enough to see it through, wondering how or if he’ll get out of this sticky situation (with the added issue of the cops being on his trail in the wake of his completed tasks – one of the police inspectors played by the always cool Ron Perlman).

3 / B
- Paul Blom

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