9th Life Of Louis Drax


With Jamie Dornan, Aaron Paul, Sarah Gadon, Aiden Longworth, Oliver Platt, Molly Parker

Written by Max Minghella and Liz Jensen (based on her novel)
Directed by Alexandre Aja

Director Alexandre Aja made an impact on the horror genre with movies like High Tension and his remakes of The Hills Have Eyes, Piranha and (as producer) Maniac.

With the 9th Life Of Louis Drax he is still very much in the strange and odd territory, but in more of a psychological and fantasy dressing than visceral horror.
A young boy has experienced a bizarre selection of (bad luck) close calls with death since his birth, growing up believing that he won't have a very long life on this planet. But after falling from an ocean cliff on his 9th birthday (his disappeared stepfather accused of trying to kill him), Louis is stuck in a coma. A dedicated neurological specialist tries to get to the bottom of Louis's state, but also against his better judgement, falls for his beautiful mother.

With the present entwined in flashes to the past of the odd little Louis and his life experiences (including his accidents, visiting a psychiatrist and his relationship with his stepfather), an amazing tale surfaces, but its almost dreamlike execution is it's true marvel.

While this has an American setting with English speaking actors, this movie feels European from top to bottom - which adds to its cool unconventional atmosphere.

5 / B
- Paul Blom

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