Boo A Madea Halloween

BOO! : A Madea Halloween

With Tyler Perry, Cassi Davis, Patrice Lovely, Diamond White

Written & Directed by Tyler Perry

By now, if you haven't seen (or heard of) Tyler Perry's silly hit character Mabel 'Madea' Simmons, she's a feisty, outspoken oldschool elderly black lady who doesn't take crap from anyone. Now, take that formula and apply it to the situation of your choice (the over half dozen movies so far including everything from being in the witness protection programme to getting a job and landing in jail, as well as occasions like family reunions and Christmas). Here another popular American celebration gets Madeafied: Halloween.

The usual expected urban American milieu gets more of a suburban / college town location. Brian's daughter Tiffany wants to attend a male frat house Halloween party (with a range of unsavoury guys). Unable to stay home, he employs Madea and her pensioner pals (who, as Baptists, hate Halloween and its evil vibe) to keep Tiffany on lock-down. When thwarted after the girl gives her the slip, Madea gets mighty pissed and takes matters into her own hands (but results in a scarefest involving everything from ghosts and crazy clowns to zombies freaking them out).

Expect a whole lot of hammed up acting and stereotypes up and down the spectrum.
The inevitable family values morality lesson is built in as expected.
As with the other installments, Perry plays several characters in addition to Madea, including the conscientious father Brian and his crude father Joe.

By no measn a 'horror' movie, it merely milks the Halloween backdrop for cheap laughs.
The biggest horror about this all is the fact that a second Boo! is coming in 2017!

2 / C
- Paul Blom

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