With Charlize Theron, Jonny Lee Miller, Marton Csokas, Sophie Okonedo, Frances McDormand, Pete Postlethwaite
Directed by Karyn Kusama

Based on the MTV animated inserts, this futuristic tale of oppression and resistance is led by Charize Theron as the title character (damn hot in short dark hair and skin tight outfits!). When she comes face to face to assassinate the man believed to be responsible for everyone’s woes, she can’t do it. Slowly a mysterious plot starts to unravel to explain the strange goings-on in this city cut off from the toxic outside world. CGI effects work well in this far-out environment with some explosive action scenes in its wake. Besides all the boom & gloom there’s a love story underneath and a plot of hope and human resilience.
Matrix fans are unlikelty to be disappointed.

PS. A big budget, slick, large scope departure for director Karyn Kusama (who made the gritty

4 / A
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