Before I Wake


With Jacob Tremblay, Thomas Jane, Kate Bosworth, Annabeth Gish

Written by Mike Flanagan, Jeff Howard
Directed by Mike Flanagan

The director of the well-made Oculus (and Netflix favourite Hush) returns with this great thriller / horror / fantasy hybrid.

A couple lost their son in a home accident. After a period of mourning, they start looking at adoption. They get offered a young boy who seems not to stay with his foster parents too long.
While I'd like to avoid this spoiler, all I'll say is that the boy has an ability to involuntarily have his dreams materialize, something that has a profound effect on his foster parents - but it goes from wonder to terror.

The young Jacob Tremblay first impressed me in Room (and while Brie Larson did a great job to walk off with the best actress Oscar, I think Jacob could easily have done the same)

This is a unique film in a genre that tends to go through waves of similar themes and delivers not only greta suspense and creepy scares, but also a very moving narrative at its core.

Shortly before seeing this I was wondering what happened to Thomas Jane - well, here he is! (also starring i Netflix series Expanse)

5 / B
- Paul Blom

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