Bone Boys


With Ali Faulkner,  Johnny Walter, Derek Lee Nixon, Tory Taranova,  Gregory Kelly, Justin Meeks

Written by Kim Henkel
Directed by Duane Graves & Justin Meeks

Apparently based around Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal (a satirical essay from 1729 suggesting the selling of the poor’s children as food for the wealthy), unfortunately this provocatively dark premise does not get fulfilled satisfactorily.
Written by Kim Henkel (who co-wrote Texas Chain Saw Massacre with Tobe Hooper in the early ‘70s), he still seems obsessed with cannibalism after all these years.
A group of (obviously) annoying teens become the prey of a human flesh addicted gang.  It seems as though ducktail rebels made an impression on Henkel in his youth in the 1950s, as these characters seem completely out of their era (and unconvincingly so).  
It just feels as though there was an attempt to throw together a bunch of ridiculous and overtly crazy characters causing mayhem (from the over-acting teens and gang members, to the cook, chained Leatherface clone and father looking for his abducted daughter).  Trying to replicate the chaotic madness of the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre was completely unsuccessful, and in too many instances, irritating.
Directed by a duo of Henkel’s students, I constantly felt that it was badly lit, badly shot, and haphazardly executed leaving flaws and holes (the lack of experience and trying too hard to shock, too apparent).  Sadly these factors don’t add to a disorienting mood, but rather makes it feel like you’re simply watching a badly made movie. 
I consider myself a Horror buff, but this was just pure, unadulterated disappointment.  Henkel’s name may be a draw card, but like me, I’m sure most will be miffed after seeing it (if they don’t switch off and move on to something else in stead).

1 / C
- Paul Blom

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