With Andy Powers, Peter Stormare, Laura Allen, Elizabeth Whitmere, Christian Destefano, Eli Roth
Written by Christopher D. Ford & John Watts
Directed by John Watts

With Eli Roth as one of the producers (alongside the Weinsteins), this (lower budget) movie packs enough intensity, weirdness, black comedy and some gore to tick many horror fans’ boxes.
An estate agent finds a clown suit in a home he’s showing, putting it on to entertain kids at his son’s party (after the hired clown can’t make it). Problem is, this is not a regular clown suit – in fact it isn’t one at all. Try as he may, he cannot remove it, and it slowly becomes a part of him, altering his personality as it fuses with his flesh.
On tracking the previous owner down, its dark and gruesome history is revealed, resulting in its inhabitant driven to cannibalise children(!).

Not a bad flick, but at times the pace feels a bit sluggish and a B-flavour wafts through.

3 / C
- Paul Blom

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