With Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburn, Carrie-Ann Moss, Hugo Weaving, Joe Pantoliano
Directed by the Wachowski Brothers

After the Schwarzenegger films and Die Hard it seemed as though the action movie needed some serious re-invention - don't get me wrong, those movies are a blast, but where to from there? In step the brothers Wachowski, Andy and Larry. With the backing of block-busting Hollywood über-producer Joel Silver, the duo who brought us the dark, sexy thriller Bound, turned it all upside down. By creating a mysterious story line, dumping its audience into a hybrid of modern life, reality, technology, illusion and science fact & fiction, we're treated to a nexus of new filmmaking. With the aid of innovative new technology, staggering camera techniques, digital effects, stunts & wirework and inspiration from intense Japanimation Manga films, we enter the world of Neo, a computer hacker approached by a group of underground tech-heads - his eyes are opened to reality as he discover that the world is not what it seems. A reluctant hero, Christ figure and centre of a prophecy, Neo embarks on a searing journey through what he believes the world is about, and how things really stand. Besides the stylish approach and its imitations that followed, the slick fashion of black design, PVC, rubber, leather has now also gone totally mainstream, leaving the bondage, dominatrix and counter culture fans not too impressed. I'm sure attendance to Kung-Fu classes also increased after this film's release. Relentless action and phenomenally executed scenes of unforgettable degree makes this modern classic the genesis of a can't-miss trilogy. The DVD extra features include documentaries and behind the scenes look at the film's creation. Filmographies of the lead parties can be perused while extra special features can be unlocked by Following the White Rabbit and taking the Red Pill. Web access and DVD-Rom features can also be accessed, like the screenplay, storyboards and more. What a package.

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