Max Steel


With Ben Winchell, Maria Bello, Andy Garcia, the voice of Josh Brener

Written by Christopher Yost
Directed by Stewart Hendler

It is every kid's dream - to wake up with amazing powers (without having to work hard at getting it!)

Based on the Mattel toy (which also spawned a cartoon series), Max is a teenager who'd been moving around from one place to the other with his mom for many years, never settling down.
In a new town and a new school, Max starts to manifest strange powers, resulting in harnessing an immense amount of energy.

A techno-organic organism (known as Steel) is drawn to him. This is no coincidence as Max's late-father worked on a highly secretive project and Steel may have answers. When this talking, flying robotic being attaches to Max, the two combined become a powerful superhero force - but they are faced with a formidable foe out for total destruction.
Throw in some teen issues like a love interest and the mix is all there.

While it has a lot of flash and digital effects, this movie didn't have the kind of astronomical budget like a Marvel movie (only around $10 million - way less than Downey Jr. alone makes for his role as Iron Man!), and perhaps as a result of its more indie tone was not much of a box office hit.
But, I hate it when a movie gets judged just on its earnings - I think the reason this movie didn't exactly do it for me is because it was firmly planted in the teen demographic, not beyond, but also has a muted tone that doesn't pull you in.

I'm sure they positioned this as an origin movie hoping to expand with more in the future, but its less than expected financial success may sink those plans…

3 / C
- Paul Blom

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