With Max Schreck, Gustav Von Waggenheim
Directed by F.W. Murnau

Notoriously based on the Bram Stoker novel
Dracula, after direct permission was not granted to use the original material, eccentric German Expressionist director Murnau crafted his own tale around the story, not making any serious efforts to divert from its subject. Jonathon Harker has to finalise real estate matters with a mysterious nobleman beyond the Carpathian mountains. He is in fact a vampire and fixates on the man's wife resembling his own dead bride. Setting out to take her as his own, she in fact becomes the only hope to rid the world of the undead fiend, but not without sacrifice. This silent, black & white 1922 film is an absolute classic and has also been remade in the '70s by Werner Hertzog and spawned the fictitious myth around actor Max Schreck in E. Elias Merhige's
Shadow Of The Vampire (in 2000).

A Cleopatra DVD release features a Gothic/Industrial soundtrack by the likes of
Rozz Williams, Christian Death and The Electric Hellfire Club.

The video release (pictured above) has an intense church organ soundtrack which is in many ways more effective than the Gothed-up version.

For the closing of the 2006 South African HORRORFEST,
members of the bands
Terminatryx, Lark, Kobus! and Dawn Treader gave new life to this work of art by performing an original soundtrack live to the screen for a packed house (www.HORRORFEST.info)

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