Possession of Michael King


With Shane Johnson, Ella Anderson, Cara Pifko

Written by David Jung & Tedi Sarafian
Directed by David Jung

Some people are getting quite bored with the found footage format in Horror movies, but I really enjoy it when producers come up with a different angle.

Here the protagonist (Michael King) is a non-believer and after the death of his wife goes out to prove the non existence of God, the Devil, Demons and other spiritual phenomena.  He makes a documentary to capture this, interviewing various experts in the field, from clairvoyants and clergy, to spiritualists and occultists.

As part of his quest to disprove it all, he partakes in various rituals, always with total skepticism – but what results is far more than he bargained for.  With some of these rituals involving drugs, suspecting its after effects to be plaguing him, it goes beyond hallucinations and starts to materialize as a malevolent force, not only threatening his own life but also those around him, including his young daughter.

The performances are quite convincing and the filmmakers handled his systematic decline quite competently.
Well worth watching.

4 / B
- Paul Blom 

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