With Noami Watts, Martin Henderson, Brian Cox
Directed by Gore Verbinski

What seems at first to be another victim of the nu-slasher genre blooms into a highly innovative, intriguing and scary film. There is a rumour about a VHS video tape - once you watch its freaky imagery, the phone rings and a voice notifies you that you have 7 days left to live. The hoax becomes gripping reality when a journalist's niece and three of her friends die at the exact same time, seven days after they watched the tape together. She decides to investigate the possibility and tracks the tape down. From there onwards her seven-day countdown is an absorbing meandering of clues and horrendous discoveries.
With amazing imagery, techniques, narrative and performances, director Gore Verbinski manages to create a hybrid of classic horror and technology that sends the viewer far beyond their expectations. Here are neither masked men with knives, nor detectable hit songs to go with the soundtrack release and has nothing to do with Hobbits.
The Ring is as surprising as it is original (its title unfolding deep into the film and not exactly what you're expecting) - but its originality is an illusion since this is based on the Eastern film Ring-u. The great casting includes a kid, an intense, serious young lad that looks as if he has an ancient soul. Naomi Watts seems to have developed a taste for the strange and the near-inexplicable after her tremendous stint with David Lynch's Mulholland Drive. Writer Ehren Kruger managed to come up with a great script which Verbinski translates to the screen in a vividly striking style that sets this spine chiller far apart from your usual romping blood & guts crap.
But, you should track down the original.
[Did you know - the little girl from this Western version won the 2003 MTV Best Villain award]

5 / B
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