With Don Fanelli, Charlie Fersko, Kate Riley, DJ Hazard,  Ben Rodgers

Written & Directed by Brant Sersen

Half a century ago in a sanatorium one of its patients lipped out and killed several kids in the children’s ward.  The abandoned facility is said to be haunted, so for their 100th episode, the crew of a paranormal show heads out to investigate and try to find some evidence.  As to be expected, things do not turn out as they’d anticipated.

Here the movie makers tread the well-worn (economical) found-footage path, but at times it is used very effectively (with motion detectors, EVP recorders, night vision cameras set to cover essential hot-spots and the crew’s point of view building and capturing some creepy and scary moments).

Naturally they set up at night, and soon get to detect something strange and hostile, systematically affecting the crew members and reaching lethal heights, becoming less likely that they’ll leave the old sanatorium in one piece.

The team’s diverse character types are sometimes a bit staged and some of their on-camera actions way too silly and childish (especially if these are professionals having shot 100 episodes).

Not too bad, but not too fantastic either.

3 / C
- Paul Blom

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