Scary Movie 5

With Ashley Tisdale, Simon Rex, Charlie Sheen, Snoop Dogg, Ava Kolker, Lidia Porto, Bow Wow, Lindsay Lohan, Jerry O'Connell, Heather Locklear, Katt Williams, Ben Cornish

Written by David Zucker, Pat Proft

Directed by Malcolm D. Lee

The tradition of the Scary Movie franchise of ripping current horror movie trends seems to have finally flat-lined... Here they throw in a mixture of Paranormal Activity, Mama, Black Swan, the Evil Dead remake and even Inception.

Sure, all of the movies before this one had its major flaws and dumb-ass moments, but had enough funny and over the top scenes to carry you through the mayhem (often involving a Wayans or two). However, these slapstick spoofs need the viewer to be familiar with the movies they reference, as to be in on the joke – which falls flat if said jokes are poorly executed. Unlike its predecessors, here they only managed to drag one laugh out of me – and it wasn't horror related - in stead, an uncanny Leonardo DiCaprio impersonation by Ben Cornish for an Inception stab. Co-writer David Zucker's comedy career of many decades has delivered a few gems over the years (Airplane, Top Secret and Naked Gun in particular), but his participation with this one is a bit embarrassing (the choice of director no doubt also affecting the outcome).

The opening cameo scene with Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan is not enough to save this stinker, and Jerry O'Connell's appearance is wasted (with Mike Tyson thrown in for no relevant reason and 50 Shades Of Grey references?), as it was a perfect moment to incorporate a Piranha scene.

I'm always up for a silly laugh, but the entire thing seems rushed and a waste of time. The only way you'll enjoy this is if you get together with a bunch of friends and have (several) drinks to fuel some laughter. If you're a teetotaler – you're screwed.

1 / C
- Paul Blom

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