With Sonja Ruppersberg, Paul Blom, Simon Ratcliffe, Sean Ou Tim, Matthijs Van Dijk, Diccon Harper, Max Schreck, Greta Schröder, Gustav von Wangenheim, Georg H. Schnell, Ruth Landshoff

Written by Paul Blom, Henrik Galeen, Bram Stoker
Directed by Paul Blom & F.W. Murnau

For the first time ever in South Africa an Alternative band fuses with an historic cinematic landmark. The “TERMINATRYX / NOSFERATU” DVD release combines classic German Expressionist film making with the female-fronted stylings of Terminatryx (& highly talented collaborators), a unique phenomenon in the South African music scene.
Besides the engrossing music contained herein, the crown jewel of this distinctive package is the inclusion of the full 1922 silent vampire film NOSFERATU, with the new TERMINATRYX soundtrack as performed live to the screen at the 2006 South African HORRORFEST Film Festival (with very special guests Sean Ou Tim & Simon “Fuzzy” Ratcliffe from LARK, Francois Breytenbach Blom from K.O.B.U.S. & V.O.D, and violin virtuoso Matthijs Van Dijk - also formerly of DAWN TREADER).
The blend of Industrial sound-scapes, ominous vocal moods, and dark energy includes instrumentation ranging from upright bass, flutes & woodwinds, theremin and live percussion, to samples, sound FX, electric violin and Heavy Metal guitars – breathing new life into this phenomenal, timeless motion picture of vampires and immortal love.
Where most releases of Nosferatu usually just include the movie with a basic soundtrack slapped on, here music was composed for each scene by the musicians, and the 2-hour package also contains Terminatryx music videos, live clips, biogs, photo galleries and other extras like the dark short film imPERFECTION (made by the band and featuring their music).
This is the first time a South African band has released a DVD containing a feature film with their soundtrack, furthermore expanding the TERMINATRYX identity as far from lackluster.

TERMINATRYX / NOSFERATU content includes:
“Nosferatu” – the feature film (directed by F.W. Murnau) with its new Terminatryx soundtrack (plus special guest musicians), recorded live - Halloween 2006
“Nosferatu Live” – a compilation of live performance moments below the big screen at the 2006 S.A. HorrorFest, with details on the history of the film festival and the live soundtracks performed at this annual event
“Midnight” – music video containing clips from Nosferatu
“CONsume” – live clip from the very first Terminatryx live shows in 2003 with the first 5-piece live configuration
“Up To You” – live clip of the rare 3-piece twin-bass guitar performance taken at the Popkomm music fair in Berlin, Germany, and stills from their European visit (2006) – with special guest Diccon Harper (V.O.D) on 8-string bass guitar
Photo gallery from 2003-2008 featuring the song “SleepWalkers”
Photo gallery of the special make-up FX video shoot for the song “Siek+Sat” (featuring its audio track)
HorrorFest photo gallery (with the song “Virus”)
The 16 min. Terminatryx affiliated short film “imPERFECTION” (2004), directed by Paul Blom and starring Sonja Ruppersberg (with music by Terminatryx and F8)
Band biography
The DVD also includes the Terminatryx songs “Venus Rising”, “Absinthium”, “Symbionik”.
Double-sided interchangeable DVD sleeve can be flipped to exhibit either Nosferatu or Terminatryx

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PS. This live movie soundtrack project headed by TERMINATRYX is now known as: THE MAKABRA ENSEMBLE

6 / A
- DJ Hova

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