With Cory Knauf, Samuel Child, Joseph McKelheer, Mackenzie Firgins, Elizabeth Henstridge, Tom Holloway, Selina Giles, Daniel O’Meara

Written by The Butcher Brothers and Cory Knauf
Directed by The Butcher Brothers

This sequel to The Hamiltons has the blood sucking family fleeing the USA after the events of the first movie, and now living in England as the Thompsons. They’re not your burn-up-in-the-sun and crucifix allergic vampires, but stick together to survive.

The opening sequence is a cliché of a couple having sex in a field in broad daylight, stalked by two nasty killers – pretty lame… but the idea of continuing this low-key franchise in another country is admirable.
Their tale is told by one of the family members, Francis (including the history of how they ended up fleeing America). He finds his way to a pub outside London where he kills a snooping constable, holding the owners and patrons hostage. His search for others like them, has him find their match, the survival of the Hamiltons / Thompsons in the balance.

The filmmakers manage to keep you engaged, but some of the old hissing, teeth baring clichés are quite lame; and digital blood squirts may be more convenient, but it looks shit and more fake than a ketchup splatter.

(This international poster image looks better than the South African DVD cover... and the Twilight meets Tarantino tag-line is a bit overstated)

3 / C
- Paul Blom

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