With Ron Fazio, Lisa Gaye
Directed by Michael Herz, Lloyd Kaufman

Indie film legend Loyd Kaufman's Troma has produced a string of zany, crazy movies since the '80s. Toxie has subsequently become the Troma mascot. This second installment of the mop-wielding New Jersey super hero (an ex-towelboy who got his ass kicked by jocks, accidentally falling into a vat of toxic waste) is an even bigger blast than the original, as his Spider-Man-like toxic sense detects wrongdoing, sorting it out in the most extreme way. While our guy travels to Japan (on a windsurfer!), to find his long lost dad, the Apocalypse Corporation wants to turn his hometown of Tromaville into a toxic waste dump. You think he'll leave the culprits unsquashed? With hilarious moments in every scene, please make sure you don't get the censored version, as the extreme gore is as big a part of this non-stop laugh riot as its cheesy and hokey sense of low budget brilliance.

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