With Charlize Theron, Kevin Bacon, Courtney Love, Stuart Townsend
Directed by Luis Mandoki

At this pre-Oscar™ stage of her career Ms Theron was still being cast as the beautiful young wife, this time round placed in the position of victim, decider of her child's fate and empowered avenger. A crafty bastard, his wife and dumb cousin perform careful, disciplined kidnappings with well plotted contingency plans, never failing - but it would be naive to think that our suspicions didn't lean towards this occasion being different? When our latest victim and her husband become the target, her instincts seem to be no match for their cunning - up to a point. With mother, father and young daughter held hostage in three different locations, it looks as though there would be no way out but to comply with the ransom demands - and the lustful ones from the mastermind…But with a competent hand, director Mandoki manages to keep us intrigued (with a twist or two) without it falling into TV-movie hell. Tense and well acted in parts (especially from the little girl),
Trapped won't go down in the annals of cinematic brilliance, but will surely make for a good time spent in front of the box.

4 / C
- PB

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