With Bruce Willis, Madeleine Stowe, Brad Pitt, Christopher Plummer
Directed by Terry Gilliam

Gilliam's visually brilliant eye and ability to translate this into his directing craft always makes for a great cinematic experience. Here he revisits the time traveling territory of
Time Bandits (without the zany humour), and the unnerving futuristic world of Brazil (without the fantasy). Cole is sent back in time from 2035 for research clues as to the cause of the immense act of terrorism, which sent humanity underground. But on his arrival Cole's chucked in an insane asylum, his ramblings of the future not gelling well. He starts questioning his own sanity, his memory lapses and flashes not helping either. Two of the people he connects with are poles apart - a nutzo in the asylum (wonderfully played by Pitt) and the shrink who wants to help him. 12 Monkeys is a wonderfully gloomy film with many questions of a realistic and fantasy nature, regarding humanity, the world we live in and exactly who are the sane ones in a world that may not be as linear and logical as we'd like it to be.
PS. The screenplay's idea is somewhat based on the innovative black & white film La Jatee, which is compiled of stills.

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