VOICE OF DESTRUCTION - The V.O.D Archives Vol. II: Live 93 & Europe '95-'96

With Francois Breytenbach Blom, Paul Blom, Diccon Harper, Greg McEwan-Marriott, Johan De Jager, David Van Blerk, Stewart Henry, Stacy Mallach, Leon Muller

Written by Francois Breytenbach Blom, Paul Blom, Diccon Harper, Greg McEwan-Marriott
Directed by Francois Breytenbach Blom (aka Uncle Vinnie) & Paul Blom (aka Pablo Priest)

This DVD title is certainly a mouthful! But it needs to be in order to encapsulate the 3hrs worth of audio-visual material on display, the sound and legend of the band in question. Touted as the “Godfathers of SA Metal”, Voice Of Destruction burst onto the scene in the mid-‘80s as the Cape Town Punk / Hardcore act of the time, which metamorphosed into CrossCore and Metal over a period of several years, until its pinnacle in the mid-‘90s. The DVD captures that vibrant and electrifying high point with footage from many V.O.D shows in South Africa during ’93 (plus interviews and expected mayhem), as well as their 2 year stint in Europe (including recording in the UK and a full European tour), with live & in-studio footage, on the tour bus & more. Extra features pack in 2 mini-documentaries which peeps in on the first V.O.D rehearsal after 10 years (for the ’09 reunion tour), and an interview chronicling the band’s history from the mid-‘80s to present day.
This DVD follows in the wake of the band’s reunion tour of 2009 after a decade’s silence, bringing back some fond memories for the faithful soldiers, and giving the new Metal generation a glimpse of what they missed (some in nappies or a mere glint in their parents’ eyes at the time V.O.D stomped the stages from Cape Town and the UK, to France, Germany and everywhere in between!).

Volume 1 of the V.O.D Archives in question was the special 10th Anniversary re-release of V.O.D’s legendary “Bloedrivier” album recorded in the UK for their German label in 1995; Vol. 3 expected to assemble a range of classic and rare tracks on CD.

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