Cape Town 28 October - 3 November 2005
@ The Labia Theatre, Orange Street, Cape Town

October 2005 is the year Flamedrop &
Shadow Realm Inc. initiate the first annual
South African Horror Festival Spectacular

Finally - a monstrous screen get-together for those of us who love scary movies of all kinds.
For a weeks around Halloween we screen a range of movies across the board, including classics & cult favourites, old & new, independent & perhaps mainstream.

If you have, or plan to make a horror / thriller / fantasy short or feature film, contact us for inclusion in the screening schedule:

A genre related guest is of course one of the big goals, but that'll be aimed for at later festivals.

We'll also offer a Fright Store at screening venues with DVDs and a variety of other horror related goods like T-shorts on sale.

Come on down and get scared alive!

See confirmed movies below:

Cape Town Venue: LABIA THEATRE, Orange Street, Gardens, Cape Town (Tel: 021 424-5927)

All tickets R20 each, except PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (R30), which will feature a live string quintet soundtrack accompaniment.

Line-Up Includes:

A feature length collection of South African made Chiller / Horror shorts
> FRI 28 OCT, 6:15pm
> THUR 03 NOV, 8:15pm (R20 -

South Africa doesn't have a huge legacy when it comes to Horror, Scary, or Freaky Cult movies. We hope to change this perception by enhancing each year's schedule with a collection of locally made short flix from the darkside. We encourage more moviemakers to go out and shoot that off-centre project they've been putting off, as there is now a platform for them. This first collection, Distorted Visions, include dark, grissly, and bloody short tales from fiction and documentary subjeccts to animation and music videos. They include an AFDA produced short (Dark Farm), and one from Paul A. Blom, our festival director (imPERFECTION). Eerie music videos are also included from 187 Films' clip for Sibot of The Real Estate Agents' track Super Evil Me, and Gregoire Pinard's animation for international rock band A Perfect Circle's song Blue.

George A. Romero's original zombie classic
> SAT 29 OCT, 8:15pm (R20 -

George A. Romero's first classic Zombie flick re-invented an entire genre. With true filmmaking ingenuity he created a shocking and memorable landmark film without a huge budget. With the dead rising and craving the flesh of the living, survivors grouping in a farm house not only have to guard against the zombies trying to force their way in, but also avoid their inner tensions from tearing each other apart.

Romero's intense follow-up
Distributed by New Amsterdam Entertainment, Inc.
1978 The MKR Group, Inc.
Dawn Of The Dead & Zombie head are marks of "The MKR Group, Inc."

> SAT 29 OCT, 8:15pm (R20 - LABIA THEATRE)
A decade after Romero's Night Of The Living Dead, he unleashed this incredible flesh eating follow-up. A group of survivors barricade themselves in a large shopping mall as the world succumbs to the unstoppable growing number of zombies. Many have seen the recent re-make, but once you've watched this original gem with Tom Savini's special make-up effects, you'll know where it's really at!

For the Saturday Night 29 Oct. screenings of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD & DAWN OF THE DEAD, come dressed as your favourte monster, ghoul, beast or maniac and win a bloody cool hamper of free stuff! (incl. DVDs, cool PlayStation games like The Suffering 2 & Resident Evil 4, Absinthe, Halloween stuff from Party Tricks & more!)

The PS2 games up for grabs
click for enlargements

Get all your Halloween stuff from Party Tricks!

Tel: 021 462 0431

Alex Chandon's gory UK shocker
(starring Dani from Cradle Of Filth)
> FRI 28 OCT, 8:15pm (R20 - LABIA THEATRE)
> SUN 30 OCT, 8:15pm (R20 -

Alex Chandon's gory cult favourite brings back the visceral elements of horror without pulling punches. Cradle of Filth vocalist Dani plays The Man, who ventures out in a shroud of evil, executing his master's bidding from behind bars in an asylum. In about half a dozen chapters the audience gasps at blood- drenched scenes of madness to a soundtrack featuring Cradle Of Filth, Dark Poets, Rugged Vinyl, and Slacker.


The 1925 Lon Chaney classic
> MON 31 OCT, 8:15pm (R30 -

This classic 1925 version of Gaston Leroux's tale of a facially deformed man living in the catacombs of a Paris opera house obsessed with one of the singers, is a true cinematic landmark. With so many takes on the tale, this is the definitive one, featuring Lon Chaney Sr. in the title role. For this auspicious occasion on Halloween Night, you can witness this silent classic accompanied by a live string quintet, trumpet & percussion, led by Matthijs Van Dijk delivering an original soundtrack! A rare event indeed which is not to be missed.

The Vincent Price starring Apocalypse flick
TUES 01 NOV, 8:15pm (R20 - LABIA THEATRE)

ne of the classic leading men of Horror, Vincent Price stars in this post-apocalyptic movie where a viral epidemic has crippled the world's population. Immune to this virus, Dr. Morgan tries to hold onto his sanity as bloodthirsty ghouls hound his door by night. Based on Richard Matheson's I Am Legend.

Roger Corman's funny black & white low budget cult classic
WED 02 NOV, 8:15pm (R20 - LABIA THEATRE)

This thrifty but highly effective and funny little flick by legendary exploitation mogul Roger Corman tells the wacky tale of Seymour, a nerdy florist assistant in Skid Row who finds a strange plant with a craving for human blood and flesh! This has bloomed into a cult phenomenon with stage plays and a remake by Frank Oz. Features an hilarious young Jack Nicholson as the masochistic dental patient.

Festival Special Events:

> As mentioned above, The Phantom Of The Opera will be accompanied by a LIVE string quintet soundtrack, right there, in front of the big screen. This original soundtrack was written by Matthijs Van Dijk (violin) and he will be accompanied by Petra Hofmeyr (violin), Janet Claassen (viola), Theresa Burger (cello) and Gerhard de Jager (double bass & trumpet). A rare and incredible event for Halloween Night, 31 October at 8:15 sharp (Labia Theatre, Orange Street, Gardens, Cape Town).

> We hope to encourage local film- & video makers, young & old, to break out of the mold and realize their visions without restraint, as we'll include these flix each year, hoping to further boost local moviemakers.

> There will be a Horror Dress-Up on the evening of Saturday 29 October for the two George A. Romero screenings of Night Of The Living Dead (8:15pm) and Dawn Of The Dead (10:15pm). These two zombie movies set the standard for all that followed (including their remakes, of course). Costumes and make-up needn't be limited to zombies, so you can come as vampires, monsters, beasts, spooks, ghouls, psychos, you name it - nothing will be too outrageous. The best (or most horrifically) dressed patrons will stagger home with cool prizes, including everything from movie tickets, Horror DVDs, and T-Shirts, to the hectic PlayStation 2 game The Suffering (courtesy SK), and a Vampire's second favourite drink, Absinthe...

> Shadow Realm Inc. and High Fidelity will host a
Fright Store at the Labia every night from 28 October to 3 November, selling Horror DVDs, collectible T-shirts and cinema related books.

> The Labia Theatre is a licensed venue, so you can buy the drink of your choice and even take it into the cinema!

Our Johannesburg plans fell through, but stay tuned as we'll get it there sooner or later.

For Cape Town the confirmed venue for
THE LABIA THEATRE, Orange Street, Gardens
28 October - 3 November 2005


Sonja Ruppersberg
The Labia Theatre

Rui & Hi-Fidelity
New Amsterdam Entertainment
Ron Hall
Alex Chandon
Robin Ogden
Gregoire Pinard
Rue Morgue
Matthijs Van Dijk
PlayStation & SK Home Entertainment
...and all the Horror fans who attended the shows


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