With Lori Cardille, Terry Alexander, Richard Liberty, Joseph Pilato
Directed by George A. Romero

Romero made a zombie movie for each decade from the '60s - '80s, the budget and FX capabilities rising each time. In this his third zombie venture (1985) Tom Savini created some brilliant and horrifying effects that is part of the driving force in the underground military research facility setting. Our research protagonists are faced with a megalomaniac army prick who decides to run things his way. This results in things falling apart and stupidity leading to endangerment of the entire facility's small group of survivors - animosity breeding on the inside on top of the danger posed by the flesh eaters outside. A cool addition to the narrative includes one of the researchers attempting to train a zombie with behavioural methods. With action, tension, gore galore and a dark sense of humour (like the early two installments), this is a fun ride indeed.
The recent DVD release contains a cool flip-open cover, a notebook, documentaries, and several commentaries, incl. that of James Avery (
Pulp Fiction writer / Rules Of Attraction director who wrote a Dead screenplay). Ass kicking.
PS. Avoid the 4Front UK VHS release as it's cut to bits.

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