With J. Trevor Edmond, Mindy Clark, Sarah Douglas, Kent McCord
Directed by Brian Yuzna

Entering the '90s, the
Return franchise won't die. Economical horror vet Yuzna constructs a cool new direction with this installment, discarding the slapstick of the first two Return flicks. An army brat's hot, rebellious girlfriend dies in a motorcycle crash after they witnessed a gory corpse resurrection and attack in the top-secret military facility run by his dad. Distraught, he exposes her to the zombie gas from the pressurized containers introduced in the first Return Of The Living Dead. She rises as one of the sexiest zombies to date with a serious sado-masochistic slant (in order to fight the craving for human flesh) - giving new meaning to body piecing. On top of this, a small gang of Hispanic hoods pursues them. Not one of the best, but a cool divergent addition. The series is far from deceased with parts 4 & 5 shot back to back around 2004/2005.

3 / B
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